How to use misc options

# misc_example.py

from nyawc.Options import Options
from nyawc.Crawler import Crawler
from nyawc.http.Request import Request

options = Options()

options.misc.debug = False
options.misc.verify_ssl_certificates = True
options.misc.trusted_certificates = None

crawler = Crawler(options)

Available misc options


If debug is enabled extra information will be logged to the console. Default is False.

options.misc.debug = True

Verify SSL certificates

If verification is enabled all SSL certificates will be checked for validity. Default is True.

options.misc.verify_ssl_certificates = True

Trusted certificates

To trust certain certificates (e.g. if you are using a proxy), you can pass the path to a CA_BUNDLE file or directory with certificates of additional trusted CAs. Default is None (which means only domains with valid SSL certificates can be crawled).

If verify is set to a directory, the directory must have been processed using the c_rehash utility supplied with OpenSSL.

options.misc.trusted_certificates = '/path/to/certificate.pem'